It's been an extra long week in Foxboro this week.  Extra days to lick your wounds and think about the tub thumping they received from the Chiefs behind the proverbial woodshed.  Ironically, the early season beating came at the hands of the very same team that crushed Tom Brady's season during his opening drive of 2008...and the same team that sparked the Belichick "We're onto Cincinnati" mantra in 2015.  The Chiefs have been an early season nightmare for the Patriots over the past decade.  Taking a page from Belichich, however, the Chiefs are in the rear view mirror.

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
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The Patriots now focus on Drew Brees and the Saints.  New Orleans has an interesting backfield this season.  It's a backfield that's more of a fantasy nightmare than a fantasy dream.  They've paired a former fantasy demi-god with a fantasy workhorse.  Adrian Peterson is not the same guy that was a perennial #1 pick of fantasy drafts from the past, but he still is AP.  He still shows glimmers of quickness and speed.  In fact, he was the starting running back in Week 1 for the Saints.  Mark Ingram and rookie Alvin Kamara took the lions share of the offensive plays.  Even though the rookie out performed Ingram in fantasy points in Week 1, I'd still stick with the tried and true Ingram.  If Kamara is available in your league, pick him up and stash him if you have room on your roster.

One other thing to watch for in Week 2 is Chris Hogan.  Hogan and the entire Patriots offense is due for a prison breakout.  The Patriots are going to be playing mad on Sunday.  Maybe the early season loss could be a good thing in the long term.  While it's still incredibly early in the season, it's still hard to believe that New England is fighting for a chance to get listed as a .500 team.

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