As a shock to many, including some employees, Crumbs Bake Shop has closed its doors.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

No one likes to see a delicious bakery close, especially not one that was as famous as Crumbs Bake Shop. reports that the extremely popular in New York City and around the world, these cupcakes were absolutely massive and satisfied that sweet tooth right away!

Although it was regarded as the world's largest gourmet cupcake business, it had been losing sales over the years.

And if you think you're surprised, imagine being the employees who had no idea it was closing or that they were losing their jobs! Many of them did not know about the approaching closure or what they were going to do next.

"Nobody knows anything or what to do, the employees are finding things out online or from customers coming in and asking us stuff," said one worker.

Actually, I found out from my husband the other day, who went to the location in the Providence Place Mall to pick up cupcakes for his staff...nope, closed!!  He said there were employees there just finding out that they were losing their jobs.  He felt so bad, not only because he wasn't getting his cupcakes, but these poor people had no idea they were walking into work to find out they no longer had jobs!  Hopefully they can all find work again real soon.

It looks like I'll have to find some delicious cupcakes elsewhere!