You know times are getting tough when even a dollar store can't stay open.

More and more retail chains are closing stores as a money saving effort and apparently even dollar stores are not immune.

Seems Dollar Tree actually owns Family Dollar (who knew!?!) and since buying the chain in 2015 has been losing money.

Competing against themselves must now seem futile, so 390 Family Dollar stores are on the chopping block.

In fairness Family Dollar sells things for $10 or less, Dollar Tree is pretty much everything for $1. So you can see why they are choosing to let some Family Dollar locations go and rebrand others as Dollar Trees.

Gotta go with what works right?

Still many people may be disappointed to hear a popular discount chain could be leaving their town.

And though there are dozens of both Dollar Tree and Family Dollar locations throughout Massachusetts, like Fall River, New Bedford, Wareham and Taunton, which ones could disappear remains a mystery.

The company said they wouldn't be releasing any closing location details at this time, so we'll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for further news on how this latest retail closing could affect the SouthCoast.

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