Gaston Plante was more than just a Fall River native, he was a staple with a positive outlook on patriotism and life.

Sadly, according to the Fall River Reporter, Plante passed away on Wednesday. He was loved by all who passed him on Plymouth Avenue by the 195 ramps. Plante was a simple man with a simple message. His clothes were covered in American Flags and his spirit and the love for this country embraced the city and those who drove by him.

Every now and then, I would see him waving a giant American Flag on that corner with a huge smile on his face, passing out mini-flags to kids. He loved it when people honked their horn and yelled "hello!" out their windows. In all honesty, Plante was an uplifting sight to see.

Courtesy of Jess Melody

Now overtime I pass that busy intersection, it won't ever be the same. Plante may be gone, but he left behind a little something called American Pride... and that's something the community will never forget.