Highland Pediatrics posted a wonderful video of Mary Poppins stopping by for a visit to remind everyone how important it is to practice social distancing for the next 30 days.

We reached out to Theresa Cleveland, the Manager at Highland Pediatrics about how “A Time of Social Distance” came to be.

“We saw some people posting some really fun videos and songs online to get the message out there. We wanted to do something similar and keep it lighthearted and fun,” says Cleveland. “Pamela wrote the verses based on Mary Poppins. She brought the song and an outfit to the office. The staff made the ‘COVID sticks,’ and we rehearsed the whole thing. It took three takes, but we did it!”

Pamela Tietze is known as the “singing nurse” at the office. “My friend and I started writing song lyrics for each other’s birthdays when she turned 40. So, it’s something that I knew how to do and like to do it,” said Tietze. “The chorus for this came into my head while I was driving and I had to pull over three times to write it down.”

Tietze is also the vocally talented nurse posing as the beloved Mary Poppins in the video, which has nearly 30,000 views since posting on Tuesday, April 7. “We did not expect it go as far as it did,” said Cleveland. “We just wanted people to see it and take it seriously. Pam wanted to say look, we’re here for you, but you need to do this.”

Tietze knows how catchy the song is because everyone around her has the lyrics stuck in their heads. “My son, he’s singing that chorus over and over again. He knows you need ‘a time of social distance.” Cleveland is proud of the hard work her staff put into the project and glad to see the impact it’s had on the community. “It definitely did the job it was supposed to do.”

Tietze has plans to make more videos, putting her voice to work again. “I sing at nursing homes, which I haven’t been able to do lately. I’m actually thinking of doing something in my yard on Easter if the weather cooperates so I can send to all of the nursing homes that I sing at.”

Highland Pediatrics staff members hope that the SouthCoast stays safe and healthy during this difficult time. “It’s going to be an anxious few weeks for everyone, so just stay home as much as you can, but we’re here for you if you need us,” said Cleveland. “Just pray for the community.”

Here are the lyrics to “A Time of Social Distance” for those of you who would like to follow along:

"In every part of the USA
Too many people haven’t stayed away and ...
SNAP! COVID has spread

And now it’s up to 30 days
That we must change our daily ways
to stop the spread of the COVID 19

For a time of social distance makes the COVID curve go down
The COVID curve go down
COVID curve go down
For a time of social distance makes the COVID curve go down
Then our lives can start again

They tried so nicely to suggest
That staying home would be the best
6 feet apart is what they did beseech

But many just ignored the words
And gathered ‘round in huddled herds
Well, now it’s time to get off of the beach.


The rules are simple to obey
Practice these every single day
And soon you’ll see that curve start to go flat

Put on a mask and wash your hands
Don't touch your face. Cancel your plans.
And please don’t hoard
There’s plenty in the store


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