At first sight, this looked innocent and harmless, but the more I think about it, it's probably best to alert all of the red flags. Buckle up for this one, it's a doozy.

I reached out to the person who posted this on her Facebook page – let's just call her "Felicia" to protect her identity. I told her I had so many questions and that I needed to figure out what in God's name is actually going on here. Felicia lives in Fall River and discovered this note on the window of her vehicle right outside of her house. It's a parking garage ticket from August 14, 2021, that reads "I Miss You" on the back in black pen.

Around 8 a.m. on Tuesday,  Felicia left her house to drop her oldest child off at school when the ticket caught her eye.

"I was like... what the *bleep* is this?" Felicia exclaimed. "Who did this? Then I looked at the date and tried to see if I have seen anyone on Facebook posting that they were away that week."

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Unfortunately, Felicia came up with nothing but a dead end and a lot of questions. No one that she was friends with had posted anything around that time frame, leveling up the creep factor on this note.

Felicia is currently seeing someone, but it's a fresh relationship and the guy she's talking to denies ownership of this note. Currently, someone out there "misses" her and she is completely clueless, as am I.

If this were an innocent note, there would have been a name or a number attached to it, but here we are playing the guessing game. Felicia has been advised to contact the police if she feels unsafe and is looking for any leads that might help crack this case.

If you're currently reading this and might have any idea as to who wrote this note or perhaps you wrote it yourself, feel free to email me at so Felicia can soon sleep soundly.

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