Are you and your family looking for a good restaurant to enjoy some family time? Do you crave new cuisines? Well these five Portuguese restaurants will have you and your family amazed by their friendly atmospheres and their famous Portuguese cuisines from their Portuguese homelands.

  • Mason Madeiros/Townsquare Media

    Caldeira's Restaurant

    990 Pleasant St., Fall River, Mass. 02721, (508) 673-0026

    Celebrated for their varied flavors from their native Portuguese homeland, Caldeira’s is a very well respected restaurant with familiar European ingredients and seasonings picked from around the globe.

    Caldeira’s has a four-star rating on their services, as well as their Portuguese cuisines, there are reservation arrangements available for any occasion, just contact them at (508) 673-0026. They are an inexpensive restaurant with price ranges from $5 to $24, and provide excellent services to meet your needs and to ensure you enjoy your evening.

    Many people have given Caldeira’s excellent reviews because of the food quality, and some recent changes on the property of the restaurant.

    For instance, according to Elizabeth T. of Bristol, R.I., the restaurant is “newly renovated. Different types of seating. Booths, large table, private area too. The best Portuguese restaurant in Fall River! Sunday thru Thursday they have a special, for dinner with a bottle of Portuguese wine. $24.99! Can't do fast food for that price!’’

    Katelyn. G of Fall River, Mass., mentions “Their two entrees and a bottle of wine for $24.99 deal during the week is PERFECT for a date night. The wait staff is extremely friendly and the food is great every time!.”

  • Nancy/Estoril Portuguese Restaurant


    1577 Pleasant St., Fall River, Mass., 02723, (508) 677-1200

    Voted “The Best Portuguese Restaurant in Fall River”, Estoril is a four star rated restaurant serving the finest Portuguese cuisines, their price range varies from $7  to $20 .

    Estoril provides catering services for any occasion, just call at (508) 677-1200 and prepare to be amazed by their excellent service, and famous cuisines.

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    Lusitano Restaurant and Royal Gardens

    822 King Philip St., Fall River, Mass., 02724, (508) 672-9104

    With forty years of business and with a friendly atmosphere,  Lustiano Restaurant is famous for their variety of, delectable American, Spanish, and Portuguese cuisines that will be having you coming back again and again.

    Every Saturday Lustiano hosts live entertainment for you and your family at 7:30 p.m. to enjoy while you dine.

    This restaurant has excellent service and ensures that you enjoy your meal. With price ranging from $11 to $30, and live entertainment, you will be satisfied.

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    Terra Nostra Restaurant

    262 Rodman St., Fall River, Mass., 02721, (508) 677-9878

    Terra Nostra Restaurant offers catering and function services,  come in and enjoy a surf n’ turf, or steak sandwich with fries.

    With prices varying from $10  to $25  you and your family will enjoy your evening at this four star restaurant. If you are fond of drinking, come to Terra Nostra for excellent drinks, it is wheelchair accessible, and has wifi, and television.

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    Caravela Family Restaurant

    635 South Main St., Fall River, Mass., 02721, (508) 235-1030.

    Caravela is a popular family restaurant with excellent service, and food.  Caravela provides take out service, just call at (508) 235-1030.

    With a friendly staff, you’ll feel at home with fresh prepared meals.  Many people go and have a good experience, and give Caravela four stars because of the food quality, and the friendly staff. For instance, Nick M., Weymouth, Mass, states “Very good food here. Steak and shrimp were flavorful and delicious, with just the right amount of spice. Oversize portions were a welcome sight.”