I think we could all use a story that will warm our hearts right about now. We promise to share as many as we can find, and we were thrilled when we first heard about this story out of Fall River.

It all started a few weeks ago when Fall River Police Officers Chris Rocha and Keith Pires were talking to a young boy after he had gone through some unfortunate circumstances. Over the course of the conversation, the officers stumbled upon the fact that it was the boy's birthday.  They asked the boy what he wanted for his birthday. The boy told them that he really wanted a Playstation, but that he wasn't going to get one.

Without telling anyone, the two police officers immediately decided to pool some money together and buy the child a Playstation.

"This act of kindness went unnoticed as both Officer Rocha and Pires were not looking for recognition but they were looking to just brighten a member of our community’s day," said the Fall River Police in a Facebook post.

Being the seasoned investigator that he is, Chief of Police Jeffrey Cardoza found out about the act of kindness. This morning, Officer Rocha was honored by the chief after he presented him with a "Guardian Coin." The coin is presented by the chief as formal recognition for an officer demonstrating the guardian mindset and exceptional service. According to the Facebook post, Officer Pires – a 32-year veteran of the force – did not want public recognition.

Fall River Police Department
Fall River Police Department

We couldn't be happier to share this feel-good news with you. Fun 107 joins Chief Cardoza with saluting Officers Rocha and Pires for their selfless acts.

And we hope the little Fall River boy had a happy birthday!

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