We've come to appreciate our first responders and frontline workers on the SouthCoast more than ever thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

They put on layer after layer of PPE to keep patients safe. They fight fires. They stock and supply grocery store shelves. They keep us safe out on the roads. Our frontline workers have done so many amazing things in the past year, and sometimes, it's the smallest things that leave the biggest mark on our hearts.

Last Friday evening, Officers Mike Pavao and Derek Amaral of the Fall River Police Department came across the Winterbridge Festival being put on by the Fall River Children's Museum. Pavao and Amaral stopped to chat with the kids, and even took time out of their busy days to make some crafts to give to the kids at Winterbridge as gifts.

The department shared a photo of the officers during their craft session on its Facebook page. Thank you, Officer Pavao and Officer Amaral, for getting out in the community and leaving a positive impact on kids in Fall River.

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Do you know a frontline hero who deserves recognition for their commitment to the SouthCoast during the pandemic?

Nominate the essential workers in your life through the Fun 107 app so we, along with First Citizens' Federal Credit Union, can help shine a light on and say thank you to these true SouthCoast heroes for keeping our area safe during this difficult time.

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