If you have been itching to get back to the movie theaters, Picture Show at SouthCoast Marketplace in Fall River is set to open this Friday.

Yes, going to the movies will look much different and you should probably prepare yourself for what to expect.

Picture Show is taking all the precautions to ensure the safety of their staff and for all that wish to get back to the movies.

The staff will undergo wellness checks prior to each shift, and yes, PPE will be worn by staff at all times.

As a guest at the theater, you are expected to wear a mask at all times unless under the age of two. Social distancing will be enforced as well.

In order to limit contact, they are suggesting that you purchase your tickets online. You can also purchase concessions at their kiosks on-site. One important thing to remember is they will not be accepting cash, so be sure to bring your credit or debit card.

While I'm so excited to see another business not only opening but going the extra mile to ensure everyone's safety, I'm still apprehensive about going to the movies. I almost want to buy some tickets to support them but not actually attend. Granted, it doesn't seem like any great movies are coming out and this theater is showing some classics this weekend, but still, it's all about the experience right?

What about you? Will you be heading to the movies anytime soon?

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