Fall River has seen its fair share of snow this season, as has much of the SouthCoast. However, not everyone in the city is physically able to shovel.

I personally was out on the streets of Fall River helping out friends who needed their car shoveled out or their driveway cleaned off as the city got hit with a substantially larger amount of snow than surrounding towns and cities this past week.

It's a difficult task since the cars are bumper-to-bumper and there's not much space to pile the snow, but it's a task that must be done for both the safety and preparation of the local residents.

Recently, a message was sent out from the City:

"Mayor Paul Coogan's office is putting together a list of volunteers that we can reach out to during a snow storm. We often get calls from elderly and disabled residents who cannot safely shovel their sidewalks or handicap parking spots. During the December 2020 storm, we unfortunately did not have enough volunteers to answer these calls." – The Office of Fall River Mayor Paul Coogan

It's a very serious point that the City is making, especially with the most recent snowfall that hit the SouthCoast. The snow was wet and heavy and anyone who had to clear their own driveways or walkways felt the weight on their shovels.

Of course, this is not a paid position, but volunteers are needed before the next storm hits the area.

Anyone who is interested in the snow patrol position can reach out to Coogan's office at (508) 324-2600 and give your name and phone number for future reference.

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