If you plan on ordering food for pick-up or delivery in Fall River this weekend, you may notice a new option on the list called Hui Hou Poke.

Ghost kitchens have been trending since the pandemic took over and the trend has hit Fall River with its newest order-only restaurant, Hui Hou Poke. Ghost kitchens are delivery-only kitchens, and with the sharp rise in online ordering and delivery sales, ghost kitchens have never been more successful. We all remember the sneaky trick Chuck E Cheese pulled when they put their Pasqually's Pizza and Wings ghost kitchen up on GrubHub to try and grab a slice of the online pizza-ordering sales early on in the pandemic. We all thought there was a cool new local pizza place in town we'd never heard of, but really, we were being bamboozled.

Hoi Hou operates out of a kitchen at 10 Purchase Street in Fall River, the same address and the decadent Thyme Blossom Café and the over-the-top sandwich place, Meat Shop. Hui Hou Poke operates out of the Meat Shop’s kitchen to create fresh poke bowls and poke sandwiches for pick-up or delivery only. Hence, it is considered a ghost kitchen. There is no eating in, there is no dining room, there is no waitstaff.

Still with us? Great. Here’s the other part that may still be confusing in this poke ghost kitchen story.

Poke (pronounced po-kay) originated in Hawaii, and they are combinations of sushi fish, meats, vegetables, fruits, rice, seaweed and other stuff. If you are an adventurous eater or like to see a lot of colors on your plate, it is 100 percent worth trying. People often quip that is like eating a rainbow or a bowl of sunshine.

You can order from their menu or build-your-own if you know what you’re doing. Ghost kitchen or not, it's pretty cool to see a Hawaiian-inspired eatery finally set up shop on the SouthCoast.

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