Just when you thought you'd heard it all about the Lizzie Borden case, a new documentary has hit Discovery+ that might change your perspective.

A Shock Docs special The Curse of Lizzie Borden premieres on Discovery+ today and follows paranormal investigators Dave Schrader (of Travel Channel's The Holzer Files), Chris Fleming, Borden family descendant Sam Baltrusis and New Bedford resident and Whaling City Ghosts founder Luann Joly as they set up shop in the infamous Borden home in Fall River.

Now before we dive into some of the details of the documentary, I must put out a disclaimer: I moved to Massachusetts about six months ago, and had not heard a whole lot about the famous ax murders prior. I still have yet to visit the house for myself, so I went into watching The Curse of Lizzie Borden with very limited knowledge of what happened on August 4, 1892.

The documentary kicks off with background knowledge about the murders and plenty of bloody ax-swinging reenactment scenes. But as the investigators dive into the intricacies of the Borden family, witchcraft and occult connections, and the history of death and murder within extended family, the looming possibility of a dark, demonic spirit becomes the doc's main focus.

Lizzie was acquitted in the Borden trial that the documentary notes as "the O.J. Simpson trial of its time," but if she did physically commit them, was she possessed by a demon that caused her to act outside her own will?

The team uses paranormal investigative equipment inside the Borden home and inside the Freetown State Forest where Lizzie's uncle, John Morse, used to live, in an attempt to connect to the family and the supposed demon. They finally come together for a seance inside Lizzie's bedroom in an attempt to rid the family of the curse that has haunted their family for generations.

Courtesy Discovery+
Courtesy Discovery+

If you're a little sensitive to spooky images like I am, here's a heads up: you may want to avoid watching this one alone, in the dark, and/or right before you try to go to bed. Some of these demonic images will stick in your brain and not want to leave.

The Curse of Lizzie Borden is now available to watch on the Discovery+ streaming service.

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