For anyone who watched the Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson fight, you already know that there are mixed emotions about what happened after the exhibition match.

Some are saying that Paul crossed the line by calling out Conor McGregor after his win over Robinson, including 36-year-old CES boxing spectacular Chad "The Lion" Leoncello.

Originally from Brockton – known as the "City of Champions" because it is the hometown of boxing legends Rocky Marciano and "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler – Leoncello currently resides in Fall River, where he trains. Leoncello is insisting upon getting in the ring with Paul and I personally don't blame him.

“I want to f---ing fight him in any shape or form, tomorrow," Leoncello told Fun 107.

Leoncello appeared on a Fall River Podcast this past Friday with Eric B. Media and this was his message to Paul:

Boxing wasn’t something he was raised on, and in fact, he's only been boxing for the past four years – the same amount of time that Paul has under his belt.

"I had to grind and turn to my boxing for my saving grace," Leoncello said. "For someone like Jake Paul to work for YouTube and then call out McGregor – that pissed me off. Coming from a Hollywood boy to calling out big names is a circus. If 2020 could be any worse, he made it. As far as boxing on paper, we both have a purpose, but if he really wanted to fight someone who had equal experience, I’m his guy. I’ve only had one pro fight before COVID hit. I went against Omar Acosta out of Texas at Twin River Casino and I sold the most amount of tickets that night."

Leoncello is better known as "The Lion," not only for his fighting ability and strength but also due to his perseverance for bettering his own life.

"We have the same experience, accept for life," he said. "It comes down to a privileged vs poor matchup."

While some know him as "The Lion," others the "Sober Warrior."

"I got that name from a fellow boxer who understood that I was fighting not only for my son but also for my sobriety," Leoncello said. "From there on out, the name was more than just a calling."

If there was ever a chance to put Fall River on the map, it's at this very moment. Leoncello's promotor, CES, is willing to pay the price to make this battle cry a reality, and I can tell you hands down that it would be a fight like none other.

“I’ll fight this kid for $10," Leoncello said confidently. "You need to have an ego in boxing, an internal alter-ego, in order to turn into the person to fight in the ring. That’s the difference between someone with an ego and pure arrogance. Paul's remarks were where I drew the line.”

"Team Lion" is Leoncello's following, and a strong one at that; a plethora of fighters, friends, family and teammates willing to go the distance for Leoncello, who is disgusted over the fact that celebrities are turning the sport into a drama, or worse – a soap opera.

He had a few final words for Paul:

"Man up. Fight someone who has fought his demons in his life," Leoncello said. "No man is going to sit in front of me and talk smack, so send the contract. Make a lot of people who are watching this find hope. Hope from a small guy from the city. An underdog, someone to compare to something other than a guy playing with dolls on YouTube, so send the contract."

Paul, the ball is now in your court as the nation awaits your decision. As far as I'm concerned, you have two options: either "send the contract" or stop with the arrogance.

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