I don't know who needs to hear this, but there's a pizza joint in Fall River that sells a Big Mac Pizza and it's to die for.

Over the weekend I had a pizza date with a really close friend of mine, Amanda, who has been dying to get me to try something "a bit out of the box, but delicious," as she put it. So we headed over to Millenium Pizza, located at 287 Broadway, to try something we knew would fit that bill.

Millennium Pizza is home to the "Millennium Mac" and in my honest opinion, it blows the OG McDonald's Big Mac out of the water. First off, it's so less messy than the burger and the sauce is incredible. This place has been around for the past 21 years and I'm disappointed in myself for only recently discovering it.

I chatted with manager Enio Cordeiro, who is one of the creators of the "Millennium Mac" and asked him to explain the vision behind it.

"The boss's wife was wondering if we can make new pizzas as the menu was stagnant for a few years and she wanted to try something different," Cordeiro said. "So she was like, 'why don't you try to make a Big Mac pizza and see how it goes?' It took a few days to make the sauce just right, but once I got it to where it is now, she loved it and it became one of our top sellers. People love that pizza, especially for parties."

Even if you've never had a Big Mac before, I guarantee that you'll dig this heavenly slice of ingenuity. Oh, and before I forget, yes, you can get fries with that, on or to the side of the pizza. The choice is yours and it's a saucy one.

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