The USS Massachusetts is an icon. It's hard to imagine the Fall River waterfront without that World War II battleship parked beneath the Braga Bridge, where it has been since the 1960s.

There's no question about it: The ship is a star.

Occasionally, the ship hosts other stars.

Most notably, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence spent a couple of days on Big Mamie's deck filming scenes for Netflix end-of-the-world movie Don't Look Up in December 2020.

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Several decades earlier, the ship was home to one of the most significant events in another star's life.

Actor Charles Rocket married his college sweetheart Beth Crellin on the ship in 1972.

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Rocket doesn't have the name recognition of Streep, DiCaprio and Lawrence, but he had an active career in Hollywood for 25 years. The Maine native attended Rhode Island School of Design and worked in Providence TV news before his big break on Saturday Night Live in 1980. The Weekend Update anchor was let go after one season (and one swear).

Rocket went on to a busy film career, with some of his best-known roles being the villain in Dumb & Dumber and the father in Hocus Pocus. 

It's unclear why Rocket chose a Fall River landmark for his wedding. He likely became aware of the battleship while living in Rhode Island and covering the region as a news anchor.

Rocket died by suicide at his Connecticut home in 2005. He was 56. His last TV role was an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2004. His last film role was in the animated Fly Me to the Moon, released in 2008.

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