Everywhere you look, people are creating TikTok videos like it's their job.

The Fall River Fire Department has been on fire lately (not literally, just a pun) with their TikTok videos to show a lighter and fun side with the crew. The driving force behind these entertaining videos is EMS Slot 3 Paramedic Kyle Carpenter.

Carpenter has been utilizing the social media video-based app throughout his shifts to create some solid content for other TikTokers out there.

"I organize all the different videos myself," Carpenter said. "My shift has been making them every shift for about two, almost three weeks now."

The TikToks have been shared throughout the local community on Facebook and even caught the attention of the Somerset Fire Department, which ended up joining the FRFD in the latest video.

"We have a great relationship with SFD (Somerset Fire Department), they loved the videos and we wanted to include them in one to show us all sticking together and supporting each other through these times," Carpenter said.


I got the chance to check out other TikToks created by Carpenter and I was entertained, to say the least.

Through the power of social media, Carpenter even sent out a challenge to all surrounding local SouthCoast first responder units to join in on the fun.

To check out more of Carpenter's TikTok creations, you can follow him @kyleandrew33.

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