Over the years, I've personally been impressed with the innovation and creativity of Fairhaven's Seaport Inn and Marina.

I've been there for the Back In The Day Café dance nights, the gorgeous outdoor tent area that overlooks the New Bedford harbor, and of course the state-of-the-art indoor, salt-water pool that splashes the walls with color and music.

Indoor Pool Dining at Seaport Inn
Kristen Pacheco/ Townsquare Media

There was once a time when I actually lived there for over a month, which meant hitting the hot tub, restaurant and bar every other night.

These days, it's difficult to muster up business with the COVID-19 pandemic, but lo and behold, the Seaport Inn has once again found a way to entice me back into its arms.

If the high-tech swimming facility wasn't "boujee" enough, the management and staff decided to turn it up a notch and turn the pool area into an indoor oasis that complies with all the safety protocols and paints a tropical setting for ultimate relaxation.

Tables and deck chairs have been added so you can now relax by the pool while enjoying a delicious meal from the restaurant. The pool area will be transformed into a dining area called the Endless Summer Room and I'm ready to book my table now.

Moms and dads who need a quick night out to get away from the stress, get ready for this one; it's the same menu as the dining room but with bonus tropical frozen drink specials, and yes, reservations are suggested.

Plans for live instrumental entertainment with upbeat vibes and low key lighting are in place to drift you away into that summertime vibe.

"It was a clever way to expand the dining space and hopefully bring in more business by offering a unique space for people to dine in," manager Tara O'Connell told Fun 107, "With the COVID rules, there can't be any bar seating so this adds seats back into the mix. It brings the summer energy from the outdoor tent back inside for the winter."

Here's where it gets better: because it's a pool room, it has very high ceilings, allowing great ventilation so diners can feel more comfortable in the space.

Have I piqued your interest yet? Again, reservations strongly suggested, so ask for a table in the Endless Summer Room and get ready for your stress and worries to melt away as you cool down with a delicious frozen cocktail that is sure to be the cherry on top of this indoor paradise right here in Fairhaven.

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