I've seen a lot of weird things in my life, but this one takes the urinal cake.

My fiancée and I had some errands to run so we made our way over to the Walmart in Fairhaven. The moment I pulled into a parking space, my eyes locked on something, well, out of the ordinary.

It seemed someone had left behind two clearly used toilet seats and covers.

I'm sorry, but I have so many questions.

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First, can we take a second to observe the grossness factor? One of the seats was stained by God knows what and just left to bake on hot tar in the middle of a parking lot. Thankfully, there was cloud cover and it was comfortable outside, so not too hot. I don't even want to imagine the smell emitting from this wreckage on a really sultry day.

That's the other thing. Why was it smashed? Scattered pieces of seat indicate someone deliberately threw it against the pavement. Unless, of course, someone drove over it. Either way, leaving it there was no mistake. It's not like something like this just falls out of someone's car by accident.

Yep, the parts were intentionally left behind instead of being discarded properly. A Walmart parking lot is not where this disgusting shattered throne belongs.

Finally, can we address the fact that there was not one but two toilet seats? It's one thing to bring along one seat to make sure you have the right size for a replacement but to have two is just odd.

I've seen Gatorade bottles filled with urine, abandoned carriages and even random birthday cakes taking up spots, but I never would have imagined a couple of dirty toilet bowl covers.

Whoever did this, it's just plain nasty.

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