It appears that there are a number of different SouthCoast people that are in the Christmas spirit this year, and they are playing Secret Santa at Walmart in Fairhaven.

According to one of our Walmart spies, at the Fairhaven location alone, an estimated $27,000 has been donated by approximately half a dozen people who prefer to remain anonymous.

"That's a real ballpark figure," said someone who knows, "But these layaway payoffs are NOT isolated incidents."

The person went on to say, "For example, we had a woman come in here a few days ago and tell us that they are looking to pay off $5,000 worth of layaways. We have a filter that can single out layaways that are made up of a majority of toys, and the payments can be applied to them."

Tassia Miranda, who shared her story with Fun 107, received a phone call from the store informing her that her layaway balance of nearly $150 had been paid off. She was in such disbelief that she drove down to the Fairhaven Walmart to confirm that it wasn't a prank. It wasn't. When she arrived, Tassia was so overjoyed that her story brought joy to the 10 or so Walmart employees working in the layaway room.

"Some of these employees have had some rough Christmases in the past. This woman's joy was so contagious that it spread to the others in that room. It was a beautiful scene," they told us. "It was amazing to see one person's donation have a ripple effect and bring the joy of Christmas to so many."

"I really just want to thank the person that did this, and say that I'm really grateful for the gesture and wish this great person a Merry Christmas," Tassia said. "She just made ours a little better."


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