One phone scammer clearly called the wrong number in Fairhaven.

Residents are being warned of a phone scam after the town's own police sergeant got one of the calls.

Clearly, this scammer had no idea who he was calling, because when Sgt. Kevin Kobza picked up his cell phone the other day the man on the other end told him he was collecting money for a police fundraiser.

As Kobza told us, the caller identified himself as someone from the American Officers Association. He then said he was calling all area residents to collect funds for his cause.

Kobza says he countered by asking the man where he was calling from. Adding that though the number appeared to be out of Dedham, a series of relays and delays alerted him to the fact that the call was most likely not even in the U.S.

And when Kobza finally revealed that he was, in fact, a police officer himself? You guessed it, the man hung up and a call back to the number from caller ID went unanswered.

Clearly, this has scam written all over it, but Kobza says you can keep yourself completely safe by simply not giving out any personal information to callers over the phone.

And he adds that if you ever have a question about whether a call could be a scam, you can always call the police department to ask if they are in fact currently fundraising.

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