Memorial Day weekend is officially here, and it's about so much more than a day off of work and a reason to throw back some drinks with friends.

Earlier this year, Gail Viera of Fairhaven came across a twig cross on Pinterest and decided to try her hand at making them for her daughters. It wasn't long after that Viera expanded her project, creating festive crosses for different holidays, hoping to spread a little kindness and instantly crafting something many in the Fairhaven community would come to love and appreciate.

"I just woke up one morning and decided to make them to give away," Viera said. "I just did it as an act of kindness and asked anyone who took one to do something kind or donate to a charity. It just feels right, I cant explain it!"

Courtesy of Gail Viera
Courtesy of Gail Viera

Viera started collecting fallen twigs in the park and throughout town during her walks last winter, and by the time Easter rolled around, she had enough to craft 40 festive crosses, all decorated with colorful flowers and completely free to anyone who stopped by to pick one up.

Viera had some twigs left over after Easter, so she has made a few by special order since then and pieced together enough twigs for 14 Memorial Day crosses this weekend.

Viera placed her creations out for anyone to pick up at 127 Laurel Street in Fairhaven, and they are available on a first come, first served basis.

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