The pandemic has brought with it a fair share of sorrow, isolation, hardship and inconvenience, because that's what pandemics do. However, it has also caused a handful of positive things to develop.

Graduation parades are an example of one of those things.

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If parades to honor grads become a new tradition, none will compare to the parades that are happening this spring for the Class of 2020, and rightfully so. It was clear as day Sunday, as I witnessed the Fairhaven High parade. People were itching to get out and show support for these kids.

FHS Crowd
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Thousands of people lined the streets throughout Acushnet and Fairhaven to make sure the FHS graduates got the recognition they deserved. This was way beyond just the parents and friends of the graduates. Residents who had no direct connection to the graduates whatsoever enthusiastically cheered each of the students as they drove by.

It's been a long, long time since I've witnessed so much positivity and love coming from the public. It was incredibly refreshing.

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Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

Just before the parade stepped off from the parking lot of the Acushnet Elementary School, the entire parking lot turned on Fun 107. We turned our airwaves over to the teachers, coaches and staff at Fairhaven High School to allow them to give their special wishes to this once in a lifetime class.

You can hear the audio right here:

Fun 107 doesn't normally get involved with high school graduations in the area. There are so many in our listening area, it becomes difficult to do. However, this year was different, and we are proud to be involved with a number of different graduation parades this year.

Fun 107's coverage of the Fairhaven Class of 2020 parade was made possible thanks to Baycoast Bank and Carefree Homes.

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