As a fan of one of Fairhaven's most famous figures, it was exciting to see a historical piece of property go on sale today. The property is located two blocks from Fort Phoenix, on the corner of Laurel and Cedar Streets.

At one time, it was a part of the beautiful rolling acres that once made up Henry Huttleston Rogers' estate. Rogers was one of the richest men in America, if not the world, at the time. He lived in an 85-room mansion with various ancillary structures on the property. One of those structures sits today at 18 Cedar Street in Fairhaven. It was once used as "the potting shed" from Rogers' greenhouse. Can you imagine?

This unique piece of property is now used as a 2,500-square foot, three-bedroom home in Fairhaven Village. One sure sign that this property was once owned by Rogers is the eye-catching architecture. If you look closely at Fairhaven High School, the Millicent Library in Fairhaven, and the Center School in Mattapoisett, along with other buildings Rogers funded, they all have that "extra" flair.

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Looking at this "potting shed," you'll notice the ornate woodwork over the door that leads outside. the exterior windows, and the woodwork in the dining room. For a history buff like me, it is a very tempting piece of property. While it is not cheap, offered at $575,000, you don't have to be a millionaire like Rogers to afford it. The price is especially desirable considering the sky-high costs of real estate right now. Getting into Fairhaven Village at that figure is not a bad deal, never mind the fact that it's a corner lot with historical importance.

Here are some pictures of the home:

Fairhaven's Historic Henry Huttleston Rogers' Potting Shed for Sale

See pictures of 18 Cedar Street, the site of Henry Huttleston Rogers' former potting shed for his greenhouse that could actually be your dream home in Fairhaven Village.

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