Food For Tots is returning for 2019, and we're kicking off the program in Fairhaven.

It has been one of Fun 107's most successful fundraisers in our 30-year history.  Food For Tots raised over $86,000 last year in support of the Boston Children's Hospital unit inside of St. Luke's Hospital.

We'll be back at it again next week.  Coming up on Thursday, April 18th, we ask you to please eat out at the Pasta House, Frontera Grill or Cleary's Pub.  Each of these Fairhaven restaurants have agreed to donate 15% of their total sales to Food For Tots.  Not only will this year's donations benefit the Boston Children's Emergency unit inside of St. Luke's, but we are expanding our footprint to Hawthorne Medical and the Boston Children's Satellite location in Dartmouth.

Not every family has the resources to bring their children up to Boston to receive world-class healthcare.  That's the core drive behind Food For Tots.  Every single child here on the SouthCoast deserves to receive that same level of world-class healthcare.  Bringing those Boston Children's doctors down here to the SouthCoast is one way to accomplish that.  Food For Tots also helps fund an effort to get a teddy bear into the hands of a child during situations where they are in need of comfort.  Whether it's a visit to the emergency room, during an ambulance ride, or while the police are on the scene, giving a child a stuffed animal can be a huge stride to bringing that little one some level of comfort.


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