When Fairhaven resident Danielle Hewitt received a notification from her Ring camera while at work today, she assumed it was the package she had been waiting for Amazon to drop off all week.

Instead, it was video footage of a cow in front of her house.

“It was just strutting down the driveway,” she said. “It even seemed to stop and pose for the camera.”

Hewitt said she has a mind for the bovine because she grew up behind a cow farm in northern Massachusetts.

“So it’s not abnormal for me to see that,” she said. “At first, I thought, ‘Oh look, a cow,’ and then I thought, ‘Wait, that shouldn’t be there.’”

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Hewitt lives down the road from Blazing Saddles, an animal rescue that also puts on birthday parties and petting zoos for children.

“They have lots of rescue animals there. They have camels. They have a pot-bellied pig that thinks it’s a dog,” Hewitt said, noting they’ve had birthday parties at Blazing Saddles. “They do awesome things there.”

However, she didn’t think of them at first when she captured the cow on camera.

“I sent out the video and asked if anyone was missing cows, and the woman from Blazing Saddles said, ‘Oh, that’s mine, I’ll be right there,’” Hewitt said, noting it was one of two cows that had escaped. “It probably walked right through the woods.”

As for the missing package – well, that still hasn’t turned up.

“It’s still missing in transit from Tuesday,” Hewitt said with a laugh. “I was really hoping it was tied to the cow and that’s why it took so long.”

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