There will always be an undying love between people and Dunkin' that I will never understand, but always appreciate the joyous rants it produces.

A man named Chris (who didn't provide a last name) called into Michael and Maddie Thursday morning because he had such a great experience at a local SouthCoast Dunkin' location that he just had to share it with a little shout out.

"The girls at the Dunkin' Donuts at Fairhaven, right over on Howland Street, they know how to greet, meet, make coffee, they're the best around," Chris said. "They do a wonderful job over here."

Chris not only admitted that he travels to Fairhaven from New Bedford and passes four other Dunkin's along the way, but in case anyone is wondering, he takes a "large Cold Brew, five milks, six sugars."

This isn't the first time someone has confessed their love and happiness to a Dunkin' and is actually the second one from Fairhaven.

If you recall, Michael Laliberte, who traveled all the way to the former Dunkin' location on Alden Road in Fairhaven, also had a wonderful experience that he wanted to share with the world. Perhaps he and Chris know each other, but one thing is for sure: they are both big fans of Fairhaven Dunkin's.

So, I did what was expected from me, and I took Chris's rant and tossed it up into a remix to spice it up a bit. May I present to you, for pure entertainment purposes only, the anthem that Dunkin' didn't know it needed: "Five Milks, Six Sugars":

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