Here we are just one day away from Earth Day 2023, and someone in our Fairhaven parking lot this morning proved exactly why a day focusing on protecting our planet and the environment is so necessary.

As I was settling into the WBSM studio this morning to host my radio program, I happened to glance out into the parking lot and saw, sitting in a handicapped-accessible space, two Dunkin’ iced coffees that were mostly full.

Someone had obviously removed them from their vehicle and just left them sitting in the spot for someone else to clean up.

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Now, next door to our studios is an organization that services adults with disabilities, and it’s possible that someone was helping one of the clients there out of a vehicle, and put down the iced coffees to do so and forgot about them before driving away.

Tim Weisberg/Townsquare Media
Tim Weisberg/Townsquare Media

But it actually happens quite often in our parking lot; there are Dunkin’ cups left in the lot, on the ground or on the tree planters between spots, and they’re almost always mostly full. They’re definitely contenders for the “Half Drunk Dunks” Instagram account.

For that reason, I’m less likely to give someone the benefit of the doubt that they actually left these behind accidentally. It seems we may have a serial Dunkin’ dumper on our hands.

It’s rude and ignorant, and puts unnecessary work on the person who cleans up our parking lot. Don’t be like this person. Keep your cup in your car until you can find a proper receptacle in which to dispose of it.

America may run on Dunkin’, but too many of its cups are getting left behind.

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