Dr. Kevin Gendreau used to weight 300 pounds. As a doctor, he knew very well that he was in an unhealthy place. He had a host of health issues that were affecting his quality of life. When his sister was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of ovarian cancer, it was the kick that he needed to make a real life change.

What happened next was nothing short of incredible. Over the course of the next 18 months, Kevin shed a whopping 125 pounds. He told us that he tells his patients to take a three-pronged approach.

1. Finding the Right Motivation: For Kevin, it was his sister's terminal diagnosis. For others, it might be the desire to live a longer life with loved ones, or to have the ability to take a physically demanding vacation.

2. The "Whole Food" Diet: Eat as many fruits, vegetables, (unsalted, unroasted) nuts, nonfat Greek yogurt, chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil that you'd like. The no-no foods are: bread, rice, cookies, crackers, kind of anything "fun," sorry to say! But, the good news is, you are able to eat as much of the "yes" foods as you want. You won't be calorie-counting or going hungry.

3. The One Condition: The really unique part of Kevin's diet is the intermittent fasting that takes place. The diet allows you to eat as much of the "yes" foods as you'd like--as long as it's between the hours of 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. The diet doesn't allow for eating after 8 p.m., or before noon.

Dr. Gendreau gets into more specifics in the interview we did with him below.







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