Some people spend their entire lives trying to find their purpose, while others are seemingly born with their goals in mind.

Six-year-old TJ Andrade of Fairhaven was born with his purpose.

His mother, Heather Roy, shared how her son’s day was made on Friday after his experience with the Fairhaven Police Department solidified his dream of becoming a police officer.

“When he was a toddler, TJ became infatuated with police officers,” Roy said. “At first, I thought it was just the sirens and the lights, but for years he has loved everything about them.”

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Roy gave her son a police uniform for Halloween last year, and he wears it any chance he gets.

“It will be in the middle of summer and he wants to wear it,” she said. “He’s outgrown it, but he just loves it.”

On Friday, the Fairhaven Police Department paid TJ’s school a visit. When a 6-year-old is asked about their day, their recollection can get a little confusing, but Roy was able to piece together that her son had some special moments with some of his idols.

“(The officers) were talking to him, telling him what they do on the job and how he has to do well in school,” she said. “He got a pencil, a lanyard and a sticker, and he talked about it all weekend.”

The officers must have told TJ that he must be 21 to become an officer because now he is adamant about turning 21.

I’m sure mom is relieved that it’s for a job inquiry and nothing more.

“I just love it,” she said of her son’s dream. “I am so proud of him and that he has a good, positive outlook on officers and firefighters. It would make me so happy to see his dream come true and become (an officer) one day.”

TJ hopes to be the chief one day, so watch out Chief Michael Myers, you've got some stiff competition in 15 years.

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