Last year, Fairhaven Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Baldwin was named President of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents. At the time, he joked with me about "winning" and the timing of the opportunity during the COVID-19 pandemic. It would be hard to imagine a tougher time to take on such a position, but in reality, Baldwin relished the chance to demonstrate leadership.

The world was in the middle of a pandemic. Here in Massachusetts, the debate was white-hot about whether or not learning should be conducted in school buildings and, if so, when that should begin and what it should look like. Dr. Baldwin helped make those decisions at the state level and helped shape policy for school systems all across the Commonwealth.

"If you love leadership, there is no better time to be a leader with the challenges that we have, and it's an opportunity to try and make a difference, and it's standing there right in front of you," Dr. Baldwin said.

This is why I wasn't shocked to learn that Dr. Baldwin has earned the distinction of being named the Massachusetts Superintendent of the Year. Each year, the American Association of School Administrators selects one winner a year for the award. This year, Dr. Baldwin was at the top of their ticket.

Baldwin said the interesting part of what is to come for the rest of this year is identifying which pieces of hybrid and remote learning school districts may want to keep even after the pandemic is in our review mirror.

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