The senior residents of the Atria assisted living facility in Fairhaven had a little fun reenacting Prohibition as a way to not only pass the time but to bond with their neighbors.

Maybe it's the uptick in my consumption of adult beverages since this pandemic began or maybe it's just my admiration for those that are making the most out of a tough situation, but I absolutely adore this assisted living facility for its creativity.

When I think of fun activities for senior citizens, I think of playing bingo or some mundane card came. But not this lively group.

The past few months, nursing homes and assisted living facilities have had it extra tough as they are housing our citizens most vulnerable to COVID-19. Taking all the precautions means secluding our already pretty isolated senior citizens even further. Seeing some smiling faces – yes, you can tell someone is smiling through their eyes when they have their masks on – made my heart so happy.

Whoever thought of this as a way to have a little fun should absolutely be applauded.

They of course took the proper precautions and as you can see in the pictures they posted on Facebook, everyone is wearing PPE.

Seriously, though, if we had Prohibition during this pandemic, there would be a few more Karens in this already Karen-filled world.

Have you see any creative (and safe) ways nursing homes or assisted living communities have been keeping their tenants entertained? Please share if you have.

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