It’s not always safe to play with fire, but one Fairhaven artist has honed in on his craft with a little help from a blow torch and some 2x4s. After losing his job a few months ago, Rizal Duro found comfort in his art, and now his business is on fire.

“I had always drawn and done stuff like that, but I had never done it for a living before,” said Duro.

When he lost his flooring job two-and-a-half months ago, he had a lot more time on his hands to do the things he loved.

“I’ve been doing art since I was a kid, and I was doing tattoos for a little while, but my job had me busy and I had no time for it,” said Duro.

Losing a job is hard, but one closed door opened another, and a little push from his friends was the start of a new business.

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“A couple of my friends knew about my art, and my girl suggested I start a Facebook page,” said Duro, and the rest is history.

For a period of time, Duro’s focus was drawing tattoos, but when he saw a wood-burned creation at a store, he thought to himself, “I could do that.”

When it comes to designs, the options are endless.

“I just think about what people would want, and I like to do local things,” he said. “I really like to do custom pieces."

If I were to take a blow torch to a piece of wood, the only creation I would produce is a fire, but Duro’s pieces are intricate and elaborate works of art that prove any surface can be transformed with the right hands behind the paintbrush (or blow torch).

Duro hopes to evolve his small business, and one day create furniture, but for now, he’s just happy to be doing something he loves.

Duro is a great example of new beginnings and the power of creativity. When one door closes, burn it down and make art.

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