(Cambridge, MA) -- Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is urging new graduates to find purpose, but not necessarily for themselves. He spoke to the graduating class at Harvard University today.

Zuckerberg said too many people in the world today have lost a sense of purpose and that those who have the opportunity should help others in finding their purpose in life. He told graduates that finding their own purpose in life is not enough and that they need to help create a world in which everyone has a sense of purpose.

To do that, he encouraged graduates to take on big, meaningful projects, to redefine the meaning of equality, and to build a sense of community across the world.

He pushed for a "new social contract" in which society measures progress not by economic success, but by how many people have a purpose in life. Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year.  (TTWN Media Networks Inc.)


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