NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) — New Bedford is undergoing changes, with an official rebrand of the city's tourism experience launching this Friday, March 22.

New Bedford's Tourism and Marketing Office and Mayor Jon Mitchell gathered at the Harbor Hotel downtown Tuesday night to unveil the city's new campaign.

"Explore New Bedford" will be a campaign to rebrand New Bedford's tourism scene for locals and visitors.

Mitchell mentioned that since COVID-19, the city has been undergoing significant projects to re-establish its tourism attraction. Recent changes include redeveloping New Bedford's pier and the pedestrian bridge connecting to the new railway station on Route 18.

Ariel Dorsey/Townsquare Media
Ariel Dorsey/Townsquare Media

For any city, it's the people who make the community unique. New Bedford is known for art and culture, which is exactly what this rebrand will capture. The new campaign would be another reminder to show visitors all the great attractions New Bedford has to offer.

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Ashley Payne, Director of Tourism & Marketing, shared the mission behind "Find Your Scene," campaign video, which will focus on the people and the diverse community with which New Bedford is filled.

"Our rebranding efforts would authentically reflect the essence of our community and create an inclusive brand for all," Payne said. "This project stemmed from a deep-rooted desire to create a brand that resonates with everyone who calls New Bedford home as well as those who visit our city."

Ariel Dorsey/Townsquare Media
Ariel Dorsey/Townsquare Media

The city rebrand will also include a new website launching Friday, March 22. The new website will be like a digital gateway for a New Bedford itinerary – a hub listing all the different attractions to check out.

There will also be a section to help people plan trips more easily. The new website will also have an events page featuring a calendar so you will always stay updated on events.

The Explore New Bedford campaign aims to elevate the city's experience as a call to action for people to branch out and discover New Bedford for themselves.

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