When Joanne Author took her family out for a nice lunch Friday afternoon at the CabbyShack in Plymouth, even the late Bob Barker may have said "The Price is Wrong."  Read on and see what you think.

Joanne says she bought three kid's drinks at $5.50 each. "The menu says 'buy the drink, keep the glass.' Joanne interpreted that to mean the drink came with one of the fun cups pictured on the menu.  However, that is not how it played out.

When Joanne checked her bill, she was charged $16.50 for the three kid's drinks ($5.50 each, as listed on the menu), but also $47.97 for the three coconut head cups that the drinks came in. Grand total? $64.47 for three kids drinks.

Be honest.  Would you have made it to the Showcase Showdown?

Joanne Scott Author via Facebook
Joanne Scott Author via Facebook

Joanne's main complaint was that the added prices for the cups did not appear anywhere on the menu. She wrote on a public Facebook group that the omission was "larceny, pure and simple."

Some in the Facebook group defended the CabbyShack, surprised that Author would think the specialty cups would be included with the beverages. "You honestly couldn't expect those to be free, right?" wrote Kaylee Wilson. "Common sense is not so common," wrote Stevie Cornwall.

When we talked to the owner of CabbyShack, Cabby Brini, he was upset that Ms. Author didn't bring the problem to the attention of his staff.

"I just found out that when we just had our menus printed unfortunately part of it got cut off," said Brini.  "The bottom line where the prices for the coconut heads, the monkeys and the kids cups was cut off.  It was an oversight by all of us that proof read it.  To me, this is laughable."

However, Brini admits that he can see why his kids menu as it is now printed could be confusing.

When we spoke with him, Brini said the coconut heads are actually $19.99 and are generally marketed towards adults drinking alcoholic beverages.

The restaurant plans on reprinting the menus to include the prices for the kids take-home cups.

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