If owning a dog or a cat isn't exotic enough for you, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has another furry option available soon.

Dozens of adorable sugar gliders were recently rescued from a breeder in Puerto Rico. According to an X post from MSPCA-Angell, they will soon be up for adoption.

So, how can you adopt one of these furry faces?

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In the post from July 1, 2024, the MSPCA said it was expecting 51 sugar gliders to arrive at the Nevins Farm adoption center this week from illegal breeders in Puerto Rico.

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Though sugar gliders are legal as pets here in Massachusetts, they are not in Puerto Rico. The breeder was shut down and the sugar gliders were taken in by the Humane Society of the United States.

The St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey will transfer the adorable mammals to the MSPCA's Methuen center by Wednesday and the animals will be available to adopt as soon as they are ready.

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As with any animal adoption, there is an application process which you can start anytime on the MSPCA website. All adoptions also come with fees. For sugar gliders, there are a few extra things to know.

What To Know Before Adopting a Sugar Glider

1. Sugar gliders are highly social animals, so the MSPCA is looking for owners who can take more than one home with them.

2. They are omnivores that eat insects, fruits, vegetables, nectar-based food and a commercial diet. The MSPCA needs new owners who can maintain this complex diet.

3. Sugar gliders are nocturnal. This means you will need to give them a quiet space to sleep during the day and be prepared for the noise they may make all night.

4. Gliders are literally what they are. Much like a flying squirrel, they have skin flaps along their sides that allow them to soar through the air as if flying. This means you'll need to provide a home with plenty of space for potential flights.

5. Sugar gliders can form lifelong bonds with their owners. These adorable little guys will give you lots of love -- if you return the affection. Daily handling and plenty of playtime is required to properly bond with your gliders, so make sure you really have the time to dedicate to care.

If all that sounds like something you can handle, reach out soon. Chances are these furry faces are going to go fast once they arrive in Massachusetts.

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