I drive Interstate 195 almost everyday, and usually at the same times as well. On most days in the afternoon right around 7:15, I drive under the Exit 20 overpass in Marion.


Always one guy sitting there watching the cars fly by. Seems to be the same guy every time, yet I'm going by at 70 MPH, so I could be wrong. On occasion, he rides his bike there and leans it up again the fence. This has always puzzled me.

Why watch cars on a highway? Not the first time I've seen someone just chillin' on the overpass either, sometime groups of teenagers do it as well. Am I missing out on something, or is that the cool place to be in Marion? When I grew up in Marstons Mills, we always used to just sit and hang out on a white fence,  so I wonder if this is kind of the same thing. Anyone else see this on 195?

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