An article is floating around Facebook claiming Beyoncé and Jay-z made an emergency stop in New Bedford to deliver their twins.

How else can I say this... NONE of this is REAL!

Once again, the "Fake News" section of the internet has stumbled its way into the Southcoast and has localized itself to make you a believer. This article entitled "Beyoncé and Jay Z Deliver Twins at St. Luke's Hospital New Bedford, Mass," spawned from the non-credible "Channel 28 News," is as dumb as it gets. The article states:

"Mrs and Ms Carter gave our beautiful city the honor of welcoming there twin boys in an emergency landing in route to Martha’s Vineyard to enjoy family get away with Obamas. Guess the twins had different plans.Security is high today at the local New Bedford hospital as the knowls/carter bunch had a surprising emergency landing to deliver there twin boys. Reporters and fans have been mobbing the maternity ward and hospital halls for the last 4 hours. We got a inside look and story first hand from maternity nurse this evening. She said mom and babies are doing great and the family just asks for privacy and respect for their family until they can be transferred. Knowls stated she was impressed at the care and diligence of the staff and is just happy all the excitement turned out to be a peaceful smooth birthing experience. Congrats Bey!" -Channel 28 News

Yes, I understand that some sources seem legit, but if you actually tapped into this bogus article, you'll quickly learn how false it truly is. For example: the very first sentence reads "Mrs and Ms".... "Ms?" Rule No. 1: If you're going to spread rumors, at least check for grammatical and spelling errors.

Secondly, how about the most important question... is Beyoncé still pregnant? When is her estimated delivery date? According to TMZ, Beyoncé's father reported that her due date is a few weeks from now (between June-July).... so there's that. And have you seen the photo they used for the children? You can see it here, but please be aware that the article is NOT a real news source.

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Finally, if Beyoncé was at St. Luke's, there's absolutely no way the media would miss that, especially Fun 107. The bees are swarming in the "Queen Bee-Hive," and the slightest tip that the twins are coming would be heard worldwide.


No, Colleen, they weren't. Never mind being born at all!

So, PLEASE! I'm begging you, stop believing this nonsense and source-check before spreading false information. It's how the "Johnny Depp review on Fall River" started, and I'm sure there are many more to come.

Think before you post. Knowledge is power.


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