This is no bull. Mattapoisett Police say there was a bull (or possibly a cow) that found its way onto the bike path on Wednesday afternoon.

Mattapoisett resident Kevin LeBlanc says he was riding his bike with his three daughters to get some lunch at Riccardi's in Fairhaven, when he heard the sound of crunching branches in the nearby woods.

"I don't know if it was a bull or a cow, but it came walking out of the woods and right onto the bike path. I was so surprised, I fumbled for my phone to get video."  Kevin graciously shared his video with Fun 107:

Karen Arsenault says that Mattapoisett Animal Control rang her doorbell and asked her family if they had seen a bull walking through their yard or in the woods. They hadn't, but their curiosity was certainly piqued.

Police say that the bull had escaped from a nearby farm in Fairhaven on Shaw's Cove.  The farm is adjacent to the Fairhaven bike path. The owner of the farm was contacted and the bull was safely returned back to the farm.

There is an effort to expand the bike path to include the communities of Dartmouth, New Bedford and Westport, with the ideal goal being a continuous bike path from Swansea to Wareham.

The South Coast Bikeway Alliance will be holding its first regional bike-ride fundraiser, Pedal for the Path, next month.

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