Want your summer getaway to be legendary? Then how about renting your very own island?

It is closer and more affordable than you may think thanks to Jack and Airbnb.

These days you can rent just about anything. Treehouses, houseboats, military Quonset huts and other unique options are available to rent on Airbnb and can make for one-of-a-kind trips to anywhere in the world.

Rental sites have made dream vacations a reality for many travelers and often show you cool places close to home that you never knew existed.

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That is exactly what happened for me when searching for an overnight option in Connecticut for the summer. I happened to stumble upon an entire island for rent with room for you and 38 of your closest friends.

Laurel Island is a 5-acre piece of land on Lake Pocotopaug in East Hampton that -- for a few days -- you could call your own. The place is perfect for staging family reunions or having a multi-family vacation where everyone can get together for day camp activities and then retreat to their own cabins at night.

Plus, it is all about privacy.

Each of the five cabins on the island is separated from the rest by a short walk and many trees. They all come with their own dock, so you can come and go from the mainland as you please. The island even comes with its own floating swim dock, so your group can have their own section of the lake to paddle around.

Honestly, renting an entire island sounds like something only celebrities can do, but not anymore. Just about two hours away from the SouthCoast, your private island getaway awaits.

Keep scrolling to see the fresh-air fun you could be having on Laurel Island.

Enjoy a Super Private Summer Getaway to This Entire Island for Rent in Connecticut

Want privacy on your next big vacation? Looking for a place your whole extended family can stay together? Want to feel like you own your own summer camp for a few days? All of these dreams can come true on Laurel Island, the five acre private island for rent in Connecticut. Here's some of what you can enjoy if you boat out to Laurel Island.

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