This summer fairytale fans have two chances to experience an immersive Beauty and the Beast event in two local cities. The company that last brought an interactive Alice in Wonderland experience to New Bedford, is now taking on a new tale with a twist.

This time around it's a larger than life Beauty and the Beast mystery to solve - and you can do it in either New Bedford or Providence.

Both local cities will play host to this outdoor, escape room/scavenger hunt that is open to all ages.

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I love the concept of these events and imagine taking part in them is a lot of fun.

You get to hunt for clues, solve riddles and puzzles plus complete challenges in order to help Beauty reverse the Beast's curse and help this fairytale pair live happily ever after.

For those that love Disney (or just a good happy ending), this is a perfect outdoor escape room type experience, that even the kids can compete in.

Sure your little one may not be the most help in solving some of the clues, but for them running around town to the 20 locations that will be set up with decorative Beauty and the Beast scenery is bound to be a fun afternoon.

And what parents doesn't love finding things to help wear out the kids on the weekend, right?

The company, CluedUpp Games, says participants should be in teams of 2-6 people and expect to be playing for 2-3 hours. They also offer prizes for best dressed team, so feel free to rock those Beauty and the Beast costumes when you go.

The event will be all over Providence on Saturday July 1 and then comes back to set up throughout New Bedford on Saturday August 26th.

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