UPDATE: Freetown Animal Control tells us the owner of the emus has been located, and they have been returned home.


Freetown Animal Control got a call about two emus loose near the railroad tracks on Braley Road last night.

They were only able to catch one at first, but the second flightless bird was caught at 11 a.m. Friday. Lakeville Animal Control David Frates was able to capture the second one with the help of a railroad worker.

Freetown Animal Control
Freetown Animal Control (emu 1)

Apparently, there were residents out chasing these things at midnight last night. That must have been EMUsing!

Freetown Animal Control
Freetown Animal Control (emu 2)

"No one has come forward yet," Freetown Animal Control Officer Lisa Podielsky told WBSM News this morning.

Please call 508-386-8227 or the Freetown Police Department at 508-763-4017 to claim.

Job well-done by all involved!

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