Several weeks ago, someone abandoned their pet bunnies in the woods behind the New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich, and now those bunnies are looking for a new home.

Sweet Binks Rescue, Inc via Facebook
Sweet Binks Rescue, Inc via Facebook

Who would want to leave these adorable faces alone in the woods? I can't even imagine and we may never find out, but thanks to the efforts of Pam Hood of the Sweet Binks Rescue, Inc in Foster, Rhode Island with some help from NBC 10, they have been rescued and cared for since being left on their own back around July 15.

Since then, Hood has been documenting her struggle to capture the bunnies, her issues with NEIT campus security over setting up her humane traps and finally forming a partnership with the school to rescue these domesticated bunnies left struggling in the wild.

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Sadly, there were two adults and four babies when the calls about them first started coming in, but two of the babies were never found. Two were compassionately captured on July 23, however, and Hood determined that they were only two weeks old. This means the bunny discarders probably figured out their rabbits had mated and decided they were too much to handle. Not cool.

Luckily, Sweet Binks managed to collect mother, father and two babies and now those babies are ready to be adopted. Yes, these cute little faces could be yours. Sunday, July 31 is the first day Sweet Binks would let them go. As they wrote on Facebook, they are hoping to send them both to an experienced bunny caretaker or a single bunny to a new adopter.

Mom and dad are not quite ready for adoption themselves. Hood said she is getting them both spayed and neutered this week and they should be able to go back to a family around mid-August. Mom also gave birth to a second litter of eight bunnies while in Hood's care and those little ones won't be ready to go to families for several weeks as well.

Basically, if you want to add an adorable bunny to your family, start following Sweet Binks on Facebook for all the updates and contact information you will need. Just make sure you are serious about taking care of these cute little faces, because no one wants to see them get abandoned again.

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