Well, hopefully, you had an awesome weekend, filled with relaxation–or maybe you like to party.

If you are like Dutch producer Sam Fedlt, you hopefully had so much fun that you may feel like "Post Malone" today.

You may not have heard of Sam; however, he first dipped his hands into the music industry about 20 years ago. He has remixed some of our favorite songs like Robyn's hit "Show Me Love." He has also worked with artists like Akon. Sam prides himself on being grounded and is very "environmentally aware." He just wants to do his part.

It's Sam's time to shine now and I think this is the perfect song to do just that. I immediately added it to my workout list.

Sam prides himself on good vibes and positive music and if this song is any indication of that, then I'm excited for what's next.

The song is total summer vibes and I'm here for it:

Now that you know a little bit about Sam and heard his song "Post Malone," tells us what you think. Remember, you're deciding what Fun 107 adds to the playlist. Do you see this song being your jam whenever it comes on the radio? Or are you not feeling it?

Tell us, is the song "wicked good" or is it "totally whack?"

I hope you feel like I do about the song. It's total vibes and while I may not know what's it's like to feel like Post Malone, I think we get pretty close with this song.

Tell us what you think:

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