Dunkin Donuts will start to remove foam cups from their stores starting this spring. 

In an announcement this week, Dunkin Donuts says they will begin eliminating the use of foam cups - ya know, the ones we always ask for as a koozy for our iced coffees. They will replace cups for their hot beverages with new, double-walled paper cups. These new cups are actually already being used at the recently opened 'Dunkin' in Quincy.

The move comes as Dunkin Donuts is undergoing a major rebranding campaign, store upgrades, menu changes, and even a new name (Just 'Dunkin', without the 'Donuts', like the store in Quincy) in some locations. The Canton-based chain is striving to reduce its environmental footprint and replacing the cups from foam to paper will help substantially. The foam takes much longer to decompose than paper or other materials and is not recyclable.

So happy to see the mega-chain being conscious of the environment, but if I know New Englanders, people will miss their foam cups.

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