Do you order your iced coffee with an extra Styrofoam cup?  See what's going on with the famous "Bostonian Koozie".

The double cup has become a staple with Dunkin' Donuts' iced coffee, but it may not be the best for our environment. Considering that Styrofoam isn't very biodegradable and that most of these outer cups get thrown in the trash anyway it seems only fitting that its time for some changes.

Dunkin' has announced that they have begun testing alternatives to these foam cups. They've actually begun testing alternatives in over 100 locations throughout Massachusetts and Vermont with their new recyclable polypropylene cup.

Studies have shown that users of these new Dunkin' cups have asked for second cups less frequently.  This could mean not having to ask for a second cup at the drive thru...and fewer DD cups sitting in landfills.  Way to go Dunkin!