Skip the Dunkin run, they are now delivering the coffee to you.

Dunkin has announced a new partnership with Grubhub that means delivery of your favorite coffee and donuts.

Hope those Grubhub folks are ready to see a lot of people in their pajamas, because not wanting to get dressed is very often the reason my husband and I don't get Dunkin on the weekends.

Now the company is changing all that.

The Dunkin Delivers service launched in New York over the weekend and in the coming months will expand to Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

I, for one, am hoping that this is an extremely popular service and Dunkin chooses to bring it everywhere. I mean the Panera and the McDonald's near my house deliver - why not Dunkin?

I know it would be a delivery service I would use, perhaps even overuse.

Seriously, coffee, Cold Brew, espresso, bagels, sandwiches, donuts and more delivered to my door? That's probably as close to breakfast in bed as I'll get these days.

No word on if there is a hope of this service expanding to smaller areas of Dunkin's massive coffee territory, but if delivery goes well this summer anything is possible.

So fingers crossed.

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