Fun 107 is proud to be partnering with local police and community businesses to launch the "Drive Smart SouthCoast" campaign. The six-week awareness program is specifically designed to raise awareness among 16-18 year-olds about distracted driving.

Too many young drivers are unaware of the consequences if they get caught using their cell phones driving. Massachusetts state law calls for 16-to-18-year-old drivers to receive a $100 fine and LOSE THEIR LICENSE FOR 60 DAYS for their first offense. Second offense? A $250 fine with a license suspension of SIX MONTHS. Third offense is a $500 fine with a one-year suspension. This law does not just apply to texting. It applies to any use of a cell phone while the car is in drive (yes, even at red lights).

During the "Drive Smart Southcoast" campaign, local police (including New Bedford, Fairhaven, Dartmouth and Acushnet) will be on the lookout for teens using their cell phones while driving. Instead of ticketing the teens, however, the teen will have the option of going to "Youth Court" and attending a four-hour distracted driving course.

The hope is that the program will raise awareness of the deadly dangers of distracted driving. New Bedford Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro said, "If one of these kids gets involved in a serious accident and survives after killing somebody, aside from the pain and anguish they'd cause the victim's family, it is something that they'll have to live within their conscience and their heart for the rest of their lives."

The campaign is sponsored by Arbella Insurance, Thomlison and O'Neill Insurance, Joe's Automall, Southcoast Health, Southcoast Towing, Martin Driving School, Big Wheel Towing, and Fun 107. for more information.

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