The Mayor of Purchase Street, 7-year old Woobah the Big Floof, passed away just before Valentine’s Day and Downtown New Bedford’s sidewalk will never be the same.

RIP Woobah

Woobah, the giant white floof of a dog, could be found lounging around his home at Sanctum Folklorica day in and day out, happily accepting rubs and boops from passersby and shop customers.

Woobah became a Purchase Street celebrity after his mom, Lucky, opened up the Sanctum Folklorica shop in April of 2018. The gentle giant could be seen lounging on the floor of the shop or catching some sun on the sidewalk. People not familiar with Woobah would sometimes look at him concerned about his health as he sprawled out, not moving. But Lucky would assure you, he’s just enjoying himself and totally fine.

Woobah died after a very long, hard fight with bone cancer – living two years longer than his prognosis after losing his left front leg.

Woobah was the center of so many things in his short tenure downtown. He celebrated his fifth birthday right on the street with a Cinco de Woobah party and was the beneficiary of the very popular inaugural New Bedford Witches Ball.

Shortly after losing his front leg, the shop even created a malassada scented candle called “Woobah Love” that came with a pet protection medallion and a surprise crystal at the bottom. The proceeds from the candles went towards his medical bills and treatments.

We know that Woobah undoubtedly left a giant, dog-shaped hole in his family’s heart but he’s leaving a big floofy void on Purchase Street, too.

May All That Is Good bless and protect the soul of the Greatest Dog whoever lived, our dear sweet friend, Woobah. — Sanctum Folkloria

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